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Showcase event Saturday 11 February 2023

Join us in this showcase event organised by Ageing Better with an Active Mind to present and discuss the workshop series findings.

Ageing better with an active mind project.

Co-creation with the community to promote healthy ageing and behavioural change within communities.

‚ÄčAgeing better with an active mind is an exciting project focused on fundamental health issues confronting our society. This project was created to address the disconnection between national ‚Äčadvice on healthy ageing and practice in Lancashire and Merseyside where the elderly population with dementia is higher than the national average.

How is this project addressing this issue?

Our project addresses this issue by promoting behavioural change within communities targeting population older than 60 years old.

This project also includes the collection of data on mental health and the experience of ageing.

‚ÄčAlong with University of the third age (u3a) we will launch three workshops that will feature relevant themes and present new research including neuroscience, brain health, and the active mind.

What are the benefits of attending these workshops? 

By participating in this project you will gain a better understanding of brain health and awareness of key actions to reduce the risk of dementia. Not only that, but by participating and telling us your experience you will be helping future research and nourishing funding opportunities for future projects.

What is the purpose of this project?

  • To improve knowledge of health and wellbeing and thus promote behavioural change in Lancashire and Merseyside areas.
  • To collect baseline data capturing brain, emotional and lifestyle health.

What can I do if I am interested?

If you are interested and want to participate you can book your place now and share it with friends and family.

Completed workshops

  • Emotional health, ageing and the social world

    Friday 11th of November 2022 | This workshop provided information about emotional health, ageing and the social world.

    Emotional health, ageing and the social world

  • Physical activity and active mind

    Friday 21st of October 2022 | This workshop involved physical activity and active mind (Aithal-expert in physical activity) in ageing.

    Physical activity and active mind

  • Dementia and memory

    Friday 30th of September 2022 | This workshop involved factors affecting memory in ageing and identifying the cause of personal memory loss. This workshop also targeted concerns about partial memory loss.

    Dementia and memory

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This project was supported by the Institute for Social Responsibility.