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The CRRC aims to combine the EHU academic strengths, bringing together multiple relevant scientific and clinical disciplines in order to undertake high quality cardiorespiratory research leading to solutions in current unmet clinical needs.  It will have local access to major NHS Trusts with significant number of clinicians and a large patient base in an area with a high prevalence of cardiorespiratory disease.

The primary focus is to undertake projects with clear benefits for patients. This aligns with the remit of organisations that fund health research, such as NIHR, MRC, BHF, RfPB and the need to demonstrate the impact of research.  

Our specific objectives include:

  • To develop and lead new research to improve cardiovascular and respiratory care and population cardiovascular and respiratory outcomes.
  • To support innovative research with governmental agencies such as Public Health England and local authorities. 
  • To increase cross-institutional capacity for cardiovascular and respiratory research between the EHU and the NHS. 
  • To develop high quality evidence to inform cardiovascular and respiratory policy and guidelines and provide demonstrable impact on healthcare, social care, society and the health economy. 
  • To support innovative research with healthcare industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical and surgical device companies. 

Mission Statement

The long-term view for the CRRC is to develop into a Centre of Excellence for multi-professional cardiorespiratory research, by drawing on clinical and academic expertise at EHU and local healthcare partners. To harness these strengths through research projects with the potential for significant local, national and international impact.

To push forward the frontiers of health and social care improvement for people with cardiovascular and respiratory conditions and support preventative interventions to improve population outcomes.

To attract and retain high quality clinical and public health academic staff to work with the Centre.

To work in an inclusive and collaborative way to develop and support high quality cardiovascular and respiratory research of importance to service users, providers, academics and other key stakeholders.

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