Parent Champions in the Community (PCC)

Sinha I, Carver-Wallis J, Carter, B, & Lee A.

01/10/21 → ….

Nursing Resilience Study During the CV-19 pandemic.

Roberts , N., Ray, E., Kelly, C., Lippiett , K. & Welch, L.

13/04/20 → …

Reviewing interventions for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): improving the evidence base to inform health and social care policy. Two Cochrane Reviews:

Interventions to teach inhaler technique.

CBT interventions for COPD

Spencer, S., Kelly, C., Relph, N., Hamer, O.

01/01/2021 → ….


ARNS TNA : A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) UK Respiratory Nurses’ Research Knowledge and Skills.

Ray, E., Welch, L. & Kelly, C.

1/01/20 → 1/01/21

Survey of respiratory curricula in UK Higher Education pre-registration nursing programmes.

Roberts , N., Welch, L., Kelly, C. & Lippiett , K.

1/10/19 → 31/01/21