Primary and Integrated Care Research Centre (EPIC Research Centre) within the Health Research Institute.

EPIC Research Centre aims to identify key priorities and challenges in primary and integrated care that require further research, alongside internal and external colleagues. We are striving towards attracting clinical academic and primary and integrated care scientists, and supporting them on their career journey.

The Edge Hill Primary and Integrated Care Research Centre (EPIC Research Centre) aligns with the strategies of the NIHR Best Research for Best Health and Primary Care Research. By conducting internationally excellent research, the EPIC Research Centre aims to advance primary and integrated care and address key priorities and challenges in the field.

Patient and public involvement is at the heart of our research project and through regular engagement, we are strengthening our links with service providers and commissioners to best improve our research.

Collaboration and inclusivity are key, and we are strengthening our connections within the Health Research Institute through reciprocal visits, presenting at overseas conferences, and creating joint grant proposals to establish global communities of practise. This also involves supporting clinical academic training, (NIHR Trainee Coordination Centre) to develop the capacity, capability and sustainability of the centre.

Through our work, we would like to have a clear focus on research which leads to improved clinical management or improved delivery of effective primary and integrated care. This includes research activity across the life course ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’.

We will focus our efforts on a limited range of topics where we have genuine expertise, and research which responds to the needs of our community and makes a difference locally, nationally and internationally.

Our work matters.