Joint directors

Dr Greg Irving

Prof Sarah O’Brien

Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide leadership for the centre.
  • Establish strategy and ensure delivery of objectives.
  • Liaise with admin and support staff.
  • Manage activities including long-term sustainability.
  • Deliver the annual report.

Primary care team members

  • Prof Rowan Pritchard-Jones (Medical Director, Cheshire and Mersey Integrated Care System).
  • Prof Paola Day (Professor of Public Health)
  • Prof John Sanders (Professor of Medical Education, Edge Hill University)
  • Prof Marcello Trovati (Professor of Computer Science)
  • Dr Axel Kaehne (Reader in Health Services Research)
  • Dr Katherine Knighting (Reader in Palliative and Supportive Care)
  • Dr Louise Cope (Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Pharmacist)
  • Dr Michael Lloyd (Head Pharmacist, St Helens and Knowsley Hospital)
  • Dr Mohammed Moinuddin (Post Doc Research Assistant in Medical Statistics)
  • Dr Anna Evans (NIHR North West Coast PhD student and General Practitioner)
  • Lucy Kaluvu (NIHR North West Coast PhD and Epidemiologist)
  • Dr Lobna Al Sodani (GP Plus trainee in Primary Care Research).

External colleagues who have expressed an interest in collaboration

  • Prof Mari Lloyd-Williams (Professor of Primary Palliative Care)
  • Prof Gregory Lip (Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Liverpool)
  • Prof Mark Gabbay (Professor of Primary Care and Mental Health, University of Liverpool)
  • Prof Nefyn Williams (Professor of Primary Care, University of Liverpool)
  • Prof Joanne Reeve (Professor of Primary Care, Hull-York Medical School)
  • Prof Steve Cox (Chair Mersey RCGP Faculty)
  • Dr Ana Luisa-Neves (Fellow and General Practitioner, Imperial College London)
  • Dr Jessica Watson (NIHR Clinical Lecturer in General Practice, University of Bristol)
  • Masahiro Kaneko (Associate Professor of General Practice, Yokohama City University).

External director: Joanne Reeve (Prof of Primary Care Research, Hull York Medical School).

External Advisory Group

The Directors will be members of the EAG and draw on their primary and integrated care networks to constitute an Advisory Group whose members fulfil the following criteria:

  • Experienced clinical academics with expertise in primary and integrated care research.
  • Health and social care specialists from Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems, including those with knowledge of regional health profiles.
  • Representation from integrated care related industry.
  • Representation from funding bodies and national charities.
  • A patient with a chronic long-term condition(s) and a member of the public with an interest in supporting primary and integrated care.

The role of the Advisory Group is:

• To provide strategic advice on future research priorities.

• To advise on the development and delivery of the aims of the Centre.

• To approve changes to the mission and aims of the Centre

• To consider and support applications for honorary appointments that meet institutional

criteria and are aligned with the aims of the Centre.

• To provide guidance on Centre activities.

• To support the development of Centre events.

Terms of Membership:

• 3 years

• Members are required to nominate a deputy to represent them in their absence.

• Members are required to attend at least one annual meeting of the EAG.


• The quorum for the EAG shall be four members where at least two of these must be external.

Reporting Procedures:

• Minutes of the EAG meetings will be recorded by administrative support and made available to all members of the University Research Committee.