In January 2018 12 New ECC Trainers met up in London to receive professional development for 1stClass@Writing, 1stClass@Number and Success@Arithmetic.

Every Child Counts continues to grow as new trainers join us!

In September 2017 73 ECC Trainers met up in Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, for our 10th ECC Trainer Professional Development Conference.

The Conference is an annual highlight of ECC’s programme of new and accredited Trainer professional development events. The theme this year was ‘Resilience’.

The conference offered trainers an invaluable opportunity to explore latest developments in literacy and mathematics education. They engaged in lively discussions based on recent research and thought provoking talk by our guest speaker Jean Gross. Jean Gross is an education expert who has led many national initiatives aimed at improving the learning, attainment and wellbeing of disadvantaged children and those with special educational needs. She is committed to “making a difference for children and young people who don’t have much going for them in their lives.” She is interested in providing advice and support to those who share this commitment and are working at a strategic level to make change happen for children.

Fantastic discussions between literacy and mathematics colleagues…valuable and thought provoking

ECC Trainer

A great session which included opportunities to think, discuss and share ideas, explore new thinking and how all of this is relevant to vulnerable children

ECC Trainer