EEF Trial of 1stClass@Number

1stClass@Number helps low attainers – it’s official!

The Education Endowment Foundation commissioned Oxford University to make an independent evaluation of 1stClass@Number.  They carried out a randomised control trial in 133 schools with Year 2 pupils who had difficulties with mathematics, and published their report in July 2018.

They found:

1stClass@Number works

Pupils who received 1stClass@Number made two months’ additional progress in maths, on average, compared to pupils in the control group.  This result has a high security rating(p 5)

1stClass@Number has the greatest impact on pupils who struggle the most

 Pupils with the lowest prior attainment made seven extra months of progress in comparison to an equivalent subgroup in the control group.  The result suggests that 1stClass@Number might be an intervention most appropriate for pupils with greater difficulty(p 53)

1stClass@Number works very well for teaching assistants

TAs were confident that the training they received prepared them to implement the intervention, they enjoyed doing so and they had positive comments about the materials and the lesson plans. Most TAs expressed the view that pupils’ confidence in maths increased considerably . . . and indicated that they would like to continue to implement the intervention with further groups of children. (p 6 & p 65)