Since being trained in 1stClass@Number 1 and 2, I have seen both of our Teaching Assistants  in action and the children have responded so well.  The training has been a huge benefit to them and the school  team.

Mr Scott Tait Headteacher, Bishop Aldhelm’s C.E. Primary School, Poole

See details of an Education Endowment Foundation subsidised effectiveness randomised control trial


  • provides targeted use of the Pupil Premium
  • supports the  National Curriculum for Mathematics
  • raises mathematical attainment
  • increases enjoyment and engagement in mathematics
  • develops teaching assistants’ subject knowledge and wider effectiveness
  • provides detailed evidence of progress and impact.

Three programmes are available to schools:

Becoming 1stClass@Number – for children who need further support to  secure the Early Learning Goal for Number.

1stClass@Number 1 – for children who need further support at the level of the Year 1 curriculum. UPDATED 2022

1stClass@Number 2 – for children who need further support at the level of the Year 2 curriculum.

For information on Games@Home, a pack of 5 mathematical games linked to 1stClass@Number 1 that parents can play with their children, please click here.

How Does it Work?

1stClass@Number comes ready-made with detailed session guidance and extensive resources. A specially trained teaching assistant delivers up to 30 half-hour sessions to a group of up to four children, for 10 -15 weeks. The children continue to take part in their normal class mathematics lessons.

The lessons focus on number and calculation, developing children’s mathematical understanding, communication and reasoning skills.  Stimulating, enjoyable games and activities engage the children and build their confidence. Each topic starts with a simple assessment that helps the teaching assistant to tailor sessions to the children’s needs.

The teaching assistant starts working with their group of pupils straight after the first training day. Then the training runs alongside the implementation of the teaching programme, so that the Teaching Assistant is trained topic by topic.

Watch the video below to find out more…


See an example lesson plan from 1stClass@Number 1 click here.

See an example lesson plan from 1stClass@Number 2 click here.

Impact on Achievement

Over 55,000 pupils in Years 1 to 11 have been supported by 1stClass@Number in 4,000 schools.

  • They made an average Number Age gain of 13 months in only 4 months – over 3 times the expected progress.
  • 93% of them showed more confidence and interest in learning mathematics in class after 1stClass@Number.

An independent EEF trial found that 1stClass@Number had a positive impact on mathematical skills, particularly for the lowest attaining pupils

Training and Professional Development

  • Delivered locally by an accredited ECC Trainer
  • 6 half days for teaching assistants – mathematical subject knowledge and pedagogy- adapting session plans to meet children’s needs
  • 2 half days for a school Link Teacher, with the TA, – supporting, managing & evaluating 1stClass@Number
  • An optional school visit by the Trainer.

1stClass@Number has made a remarkable difference, not only for our pupils but also for our TAs.  The high-quality training helped our TAs to become much more confident with mathematics – not just in delivering the intervention but also in supporting class mathematics teaching.

Jo Bland, Head of Academy, Boston Pioneers Free School Academy, Lincolnshire

Resources and Support

  • Interactive and easily adaptable session plans
  • Extensive ready-made resources that are organised for you topic by topic.
  • Online guidance and downloadable resources
  • Access to the ECC data system, providing detailed analyses of impact and children’s progress.  See sample reports here.
  • Phone and e-mail support from ECC and the Trainer.
  • A Games@Home parent pack is available for 1stClass@Number. Read about it here.


Each local provider determines their own charges to schools depending on local circumstances.  The charge for 2022/23 for a new 1stClass@Number teaching assistant, with their Link Teacher, will be in the region of £990.

How do I Access the Training?

Schools can access 1stClass@Number from local ECC providers. Click here to find your nearest provider.