Preparing for ECC Mathematics Programmes

Ensuring the optimum impact.

Careful preparation for each ECC intervention programme will help everyone to achieve the best outcomes.

Each programme has detailed preparation guidance – see below.

school preparation for Numbers Count

school preparation for Talk 4 Number

school preparation for Success@Arithmetic

school preparation for 1stClass@Number

In summary, each school needs to plan in advance for:

  • Time – for the training, teaching, extra sessions, testing, support, liaison and for celebrating success
  • Communication – keeping everyone informed and supported
  • Space – for teaching, storing resources and for meetings
  • Support – for teachers and teaching assistants, parents and pupils
  • Evaluation – using standardised testing and accessing the ECC secure data system and reports. Using the ECC surveys.

Each programme has a detailed Handbook which is included in the pack you will receive on Day 1 of the training.