Before You Arrive

Buy Travel Insurance

Make sure you have travel insurance that covers healthcare and repatriation. The UK’s healthcare system is free at the point of use, but you are likely to be asked to pay after treatment (please note, this has become much more common in recent years).

Tech Stuff

Bring an adapter

You will need a three pin plug adapter for the UK if travelling from most countries. Ideally these should be as small as possible, as bulky adapters will block others’ use of dual plugs (eg in a conference room). Some newer hotels now provide USB plugs for devices. You may also want to bring a portable charging device, as plugs in the conference rooms are limited.

Mobile phone roaming

Check roaming arrangements for your phone in the UK. Whilst wifi is available on campus (see below) there is very limited free wifi in public spaces in the UK, and it is not always secure. E-sims may be an option to order before you arrive, if your phone is compatible with the technology.

Packing for British Weather

August is often the UK’s warmest and driest month: but it can be wet. You are recommended to bring layers and a waterproof coat.

For a more detailed forecast: Ormskirk weather from the BBC

When in the UK

Free Wifi on campus

Eduroam and a guest wifi option are available free to you when you are on campus. The guest wifi option will ask you to register (via Sky) before using the service for the first time. These connections are suitable for business use but may struggle with streaming video etc.

Getting around


Using electricals

Money and paying for things

Getting help in the UK


Call 999 and let the operator know which service you require (Fire, Police, Ambulance). This number will work from most UK phones (even when locked).

Not an emergency


Getting help when on campus