Annie Williams studied at Edge Hill 1893-1894 and sadly died of Cholera in India on 31st August 1897 at only 23 years old. In 1896 Annie travelled to Shillong, India, and worked as a teacher and missionary.

Printed in the College Magazine are two letters from her. On 27th March 1897 she wrote about her journey to the mission,

‘The journey from Teria at the base of the hills, to Cheraa at its summit, was done by means of a human charger. The poor fellow had to carry 9 stone &c on his back for about 4 miles, and all up hill. He changed once or twice with another man, but how they did groan! I must send you models of these baskets for carrying people when I see them in the markets; I never feel comfortable in them, and generally end a journey by having a bad headache.’

When she arrived, she wrote about her responsibilities, ‘I have the total charge of the work among the young women. This is the ordinary programme: – School during the day from 10am to 3pm, with ½ hour’s interval. Early morning – from 8 to 9 – I give lessons to girls preparing for various examinations… Then each night I have some classes, with the exception of Friday and Sunday night.’

She certainly experienced tough times. Five days after a new house had been built for her at the mission it was destroyed in an earthquake, the area was devastated and there was a cholera outbreak. She was one of its victims. According to the College Magazine,

‘Subsequent to the disaster, she, with some of the other missionaries, resided in a wooden shed with thatched roof, to which she gave the fanciful name of Windsor Castle. Thence she wrote home several bright and cheerful letters…Her great faith is shown when she writes:- “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”

She lost most of her possessions in the earthquake but on 7th August wrote:

From a twenty-first century perspective we might have mixed views about missionary work of this kind, although Annie Williams was certainly a dedicated believer in what she was doing. You could write a historical piece on missionary work or creative work about the missionary experience.