Respiratory Research Centre Members

Governance Structure

Joint Directors:
Prof Sally SpencerDirector of Clinical Research. Editor, Cochrane Airways Group.
Dr Carol KellyReader, Respiratory Care.
EHU Members of the RRC:
Prof Paola Dey          Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology.
Dr Greg Irving            Senior Lecturer in Medical Education.
Dr Nicola Relph  Senior Lecturer Epidemiology.
Dr Andrew LevyReader. Chartered Psychologist.
Prof Adrian MidgleySport and Exercise Physiology.
Prof Stuart Fairclough                        Physical Activity Education.
Prof Ella Pereira         Computing Science. Board member, North West Coast Digital Healthcare Network.
Dr Joy Gana-InatimiSenior Lecturer, Medical Leadership Lead (Undergraduate Medicine), Consultant AHP (Chest Medicine and Pulmonary Rehabilitation).
Dr Aristides TagalakisReader in Gene Delivery and Nanomedicine
Dr Lakis LiloglouSenior Lecturer Medical Education
Dr Kate KnightingReader in Palliative and Supportive Care
Dr Mohammed MoinuddinMedical Statistician
Dr Nathan HiltonPhysiologist, Practice Education Lecturer Medical School
External Members of the RRC Steering Group
Dr Abdul Ashish                  Consultant Respiratory Physician, RAEI, Wigan. NIHR Respiratory Lead, Greater Manchester.
Helen Ashcroft-Kelso             Clinical Lead Therapist, Aintree University Hospital.
Dr Karen Heslop-Marshal           Consultant Respiratory Nurse, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NHS Trust.
Dr Jane Hutton           Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
Dr Angela Key                       Chief Respiratory Physiologist, Aintree University Hospital.
Claire Slinger                         Speech & Language Therapist, Lancashire THNHST.
Dr Dennis Wat                       Chest Physician, LHCH.
Dr Paul Walker                      Chest Physician, Aintree University Hospital.