image of modelled churches

Before the Builder tools were developed, a prototype called ChurchBuilder was created and trialled.

The tool enables you to:

  • build complex 3D models of churches
  • create tours of the churches
  • make video clips of the tours
  • capture images of the churches
  • convert them into VRML for viewing on web sites

The best way to learn the detailed operation of ChurchBuilder is to use the Help Pages. The Help Pages can be accessed via the Help | Help Topics menu item once you have installed the tool.

You can download ChurchBuilder on the Download page.

ChurchBuilder’s use in primary schools is described on the Education page.

Here are three videos to give you an idea of how the tool works.

Starting a new church

image of a church model

Building and touring a fortified church

image of a church model

Opening church models

image of a church model