We have been developing Cathedral Builder since June 2020. It is based on the same principles as the other Builder tools and is launched within Scene Builder.


ChurchBuilder has been in use in local schools for many years. It is no longer being developed. You can download it using the link below.

We created a version for use in schools in 2015 which can be downloaded. These are full versions and free to use. If you find them useful, let us know – and let your friends and colleagues know. The setup files are currently hosted at but can be downloaded from this page

Thing Builder, Scene Builder and Scenario Builder continue to be developed. If you are interested in using them then please contact Brian Farrimond ([email protected]).


This user guide is a bit out of date, but it explains the main points of using the application.

Download the ThingBuilder setup file from the link below and run it to install ThingBuilder


This is a little out of date but explains the main ideas of the application.

Download the ScenarioBuilder setup file from the link below and run it to install ScenarioBuilder


Download the ScenarioViewerU3D setup file from the link below and run it to install ScenarioViewerU3D

Viewing the online Past World prototype

Install this viewer to see the online prototype of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (three stations: Ormskirk, Burscough Bridge and Burscough Junction). This viewer is able to access the prototype’s online database.