At EHU, we carry interdisciplinary AI research spanning a range of areas and themes. We also have dedicated research centres such as Centre for Data and Complex Systems Research and the Intelligent Visual Computing Research Centre.

AI in Health:

A scientist using a test tube.

Our aim is to improve health and lifestyle through technology, including:

  • minimally-invasive and automated monitoring
  • medical Image & Video Analysis for Diagnosis-support.

We have a pioneering research in various areas, including:

  • digital pathology
  • breast cancer screening and diagnosis
  • retina screening
  • lung cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • Alzheimer’s early detection

AI in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Two students working on laptops with a robot looking into the camera.
  • Multimodal AI
  • Human-machine/vehicle/robot interaction
  • Social robotics
  • Intelligent vehicles
  • Real-time traffic analysis

AI in Cybersecurity

A female student working on her laptop on a sofa. In the background, four male students are working at a table. They are out of focus.

Our aim is to improve security and privacy in computer systems and networks, and associated devices (including IoT), including:

  • blockchain based security and privacy enhancing technologies and applications
  • security and privacy by design
  • security and privacy problems of Internet of Things and smart services and applications
  • security and privacy problems of biometrics systems and applications
  • malware analysis.

AI in Data Analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing)

A student looking at coding on a computer screen.

Our work is on the core and applied aspects of Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning, for spotting patterns and behaviours (including violence) among others. Our work includes:

  • LLM models.
  • real-time machine learning & resource-efficient machine learning
  • classification Imbalance
  • data mining, pattern recognition & semantic analysis
  • natural Language Processing and Text Mining
  • social Media mining
  • soft Computing Methods
  • grammar Induction, Inference and Domain Specific Languages
  • feature design and analysis
  • AI Ethics

AI in Agriculture


Our aim is to help improve the farming and agiculture through technology, including:

  • plants phenotyping, using Computer Vision and AI.
  • detection and identification of plant diseases, to prevent spread/infection.
  • precision farming.
  • monitoring and grading the post-harvest fresh produce.

AI in Law

A law student reading notes from a laptop in a mock court room.
  • Analysing legal documents, ethics of AI, Laws related to AI.

AI in Sports

One Edge Hill Women's footballer, wearing green, is mid-kick, with two opponents in purple crowding her.
  • Analysing Sports data