Internships are open to Edge Hill University final year students who have an interest and would like to build track record of research experience in the field of migration. Internships will last 3 months and interns will work under the supervision of a MWG-NW senior member. Interns are funded by the Student Opportunity Fund of Edge Hill University.

Meet our interns

Elizabeth Cook

This research assistant position was brought to my attention by an email from the criminology department. Having previously studied Human Rights violations at University, I was interested in the idea of an existing bias in current research.

I am a third year Psychology and Criminology student, examining this bias by reading literature and NGO’s on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. The ‘Beyond TFLS’ project is important to me as I am further educating myself on issues that are important to me, both expanding and challenging my current knowledge. The project will also allow me to learn how to critically analyse information and present a thorough argument, which will be invaluable to me when I choose to study a PhD.

Tia Martin

This internship was brought to my attention through an email sent to the geography department by one of the lecturers. By reading through the email and doing some research this engaged my interest in the internship. The opportunity was aimed at addressing rightlessness, oppression, and exploitation of migrant workers in the South Asia – Middle East migration corridor.

As a second-year geography student interested in the contemporary issues of the world from a spatial perspective, the internship was an excellent opportunity to increase the scope of my geographical knowledge. Furthermore, the research assistant role allowed me to develop important academic skills such as researching and producing a systematic literature review, report writing, and analytical skills. These important academic skills will be helpful in the future when pursuing a career path after I finish my degree.

Phoebe Telford

I am a second year sociology student on the project concerning the forms of carcerality encountered, experienced, and escaped by migrant workers.

I first came across the internship when I was notified by the Careers team, and was originally interested due to the positive benefits the experience will have for my future, but upon doing more research into the topic, I found it to be very interesting. This experience has helped to develop my academic skills, showing a clear effect on my university work in just the first month. Additionally, having experience with working in an academic setting will significantly strengthen my applications to, and work within postgraduate study.

Alannah Jeal

Alannah’s work focuses on societal issues and their impact in Higher Education, allowing Alannah to explore relevant topics in relation to their degree subject, supporting their aim to progress into an academic career.

I came across the internship opportunity through the Edge Hill University careers portal in the second year of my criminology studies, and it immediately intrigued me. After exploration of the role, I found the position offered an insight into prevalent issues surrounding equality, inclusion and diversity in higher education (HE), alongside the chance to gain practical academia skills. This fascinated me due to the influence of our current societal environment in HE, my personal experience of it and the impact that it has.

While supporting a multi-disciplinary working group, the internship will provide the perfect environment to broaden the scope of my knowledge around societal issues and their impact in HE, as well as enhancing my analysis of policy and regulatory frameworks. Simultaneously, building and strengthening my research ability with literature.

In supporting my aim to progress into an academic career, the internship will provide worthwhile experience within the field, while allowing me to explore more topics relating to my degree subject. The applied practise within an academic setting will help me in reaching my future goals and allow me to ease into post-graduate study.