Whilst this Journal aims to publish quality research from our students, we also equally acknowledge that the voices of students not engaged with research is important. Thus, this section of the Journal aims to serve as a space for reflections from students on themes related to their programmes and placements, themes relating to nutrition, child and adolescent mental health, counselling, health, social work and social wellbeing.

We would like to encourage short pieces of writing from student contributors who would like to discuss an issue/theme relating to an area of interest that is linked to your programme, opinions that might provide a fresh insight perspective to existing debates and discussions relating to that theme. We also strongly encourage pieces from students that would like to reflect on their experiences of working on placements, with a view to inspire confidence for students who will eventually go on to be on placement.

For your article to be accepted, we expect the following:

  • No more than 1000 words in length.
  • Pictures cannot be accepted.
  • Must relate to an area that is connected with Social Work and Wellbeing.
  • Must be interesting and engaging.

Your article must:

  • Include references if needed, but not completely necessary.
  • Conform to the criteria above and be presented professionally.

Your article must not be:

  • Libellous.
  • Insulting towards anyone.
  • An opportunity to grind personal axes.