Issue 1

Clare Brown

Clare Brown is a 44-year-old, married and mother to three wonderful children and student on the BSc Critical Counselling programme. After being a self-employed business owner for 25 years, she decided to change direction and embark on a new career path.  Clare feels extremely passionate about mental health and the lack of support, adults and children suffering from mental health issues receive due to insufficient funding by governing bodies.  She believes there needs to be more awareness raised and more people being able to help our communities by volunteering or qualifying as mental health workers. She feels grateful for being on her programme because it has increased her personal development and gained a deeper understanding of the impact mental health issues has on people and society.  By qualifying on from her programme, she hopes to go on to have a successful career supporting adults or children with their mental health or impact from trauma.

Issue 2

Graduation photo of Victoria McFetridge

Victoria McFetridge

Victoria was a recent graduate from the MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy – Contemporary Creative Approaches programme, and now works as a counsellor. Victoria counts working on her research project as a great achievement, which concerned the ‘experience of female psychotherapy students engaging in embodied workshops in a natural setting’. In this opinion piece, Victoria briefly reflects on the ‘person-centred approach’ in the current political landscape.

Michaela Gwilliam

Michaela is currently studying for a degree in BSc Critical Approaches to Counselling and Psychotherapy and worked as a research intern over he summer where she developed her interests and skills in research, which have inspired her to want to do primary research and become a postgraduate, which she hopes will add value to her future work in the third sector.

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Issue 3

Caitlin-Jo Lewin

Caitlin-Jo is a student on the BSc Critical Counselling programme in the Department of Wellbeing. Caitlin-Jo has enjoyed being a student on the programme because she has developed skills in self-development and empathy, which have helped her to overcome issues in her own life and helped others has she applies the skills she has learnt on the programme. Doing the degree has helped Caitlin-Jo understand the effects of PTSD on children and young people more and hopes to use her skills to help others has she develops her career.