Welcome to the Health, Social Work and Wellbeing Journal (formerly known as AHSC Journal).

In all parts of university life, the ‘student voice’ is promoted as a concept that is important alongside graduate employability outcomes and personal development. However, where the ‘student voice’ sometimes falls short is when it comes to the planning, preparation, facilitation, and reporting of research that can be disseminated to a wider audience.

One way to overcome this is to create a space for collaboration and participation where students and staff can work together to help support students to promote their research and expertise.

This Journal will mostly focus on the promotion of work that has emerged from dissertations at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the department of Social Work and Wellbeing, but we also want to reach out to students across all year groups and all programmes.

Aims of the journal:

  • To inspire students to want to engage in research and be motivated to disseminate their work with the help of staff.
  • To promote student and staff voices, working in collaboration with each other.
  • To build confidence and motivation within students to put their work forward to established journals and conferences, using the Health, Social Work and Wellbeing Journal.

This Journal is a celebration of the great work our students do, promoting their voices and the quality work they produce, with the professional edge needed to help develop skills that employers want in their institutions. You will find a series of different types of dissertations, in different styles, highlighting the breadth of research in the department and different disciplinary conventions. We ask our students in Social Work and Wellbeing to do consider publishing your work here and we will provide as much help and guidance as we can to support you.

Meet the editors

Dr Michael Richards

Michael is a Community and Chartered psychologist, as well as Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, with research interests in working collaboratively with marginalised groups using different methods including, art, poetry, film, photography, and drama. His academic experiences are coupled with his extensive experiences of working in the community, and with professional organisations including social services, housing associations, youth projects, charities, schools, and colleges. He has worked with the most marginalised people in society, including people labelled with learning disabilities, homeless people, offenders, and victims of abuse in local contexts such as community radio, pubs and museums. Michael is Deputy Director of the Research Centre for Arts and Wellbeing and is Chair of the Community Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society.

Dr Nicola Relph

I completed both my Undergraduate and Masters degrees at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Shortly after completing my Master’s degree, I gained a position as a Research and Teaching Assistant and then Lecturer in Biomechanics, in the School of Sport at the University of Cumbria, During this time, I completed my PhD at the University of Salford. I then joined the Department of Sport and Physical Activity at EHU as a Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, teaching on the Sport Therapy degree. In 2017, I transferred to the Faculty of Health to pursue my interest in health research. My current research focus is musculoskeletal injuries in both active and inactive populations, I have a specific interest in lower-limb injuries in people beginning physical activity for the first time, with focus on injury prevention strategies.

Dr Lucy Gibson

Lucy is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Wellbeing and provides sociological teaching input across the Applied Health and Social Care portfolio. She held a three year temporary lectureship in Sociology at the University of Manchester before joining Edge Hill University. Her ESRC-funded Doctoral research explored popular music and the life course and investigated themes of cultural commitment, lifestyles and identities amongst fans of northern and rare soul, rock, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Lucy has published and presented academic work on popular music and ageing, the extension of youth cultural practices in adulthood, using email interviews to investigate music and memory, and the ageing body. Her research interests broadly focus on ageing, youth culture, community engagement, wellbeing and online research methods.

Dr Shaun Liverpool

I completed my Undergraduate degree at University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados and then my MSc and PhD at the University College London. Since completing my PhD, I continued in research and teaching positions at University College London, London South Bank University and the Early Intervention Foundation. I then joined EHU in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine as a Lecturer and Researcher in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing. My current research focus relates to digital interventions, with a particular focus on incorporating the voices of children, young people and their families, especially from marginalised communities.

Health, Social Work and Wellbeing Journal Writing Guidance

To ensure that all publications are presented professionally, consistently and in a way that is accessible, this document provides advice on how to prepare your manuscript, whether that be for the submission of your dissertation or opinion piece.

When we review the work that is submitted, we will be taking the advice provided in this document into account, alongside our professional judgment about suitability, quality, and appropriateness of the content. We expect all primary research to have already received ethical approval.

We are conscious that students have already submitted drafts, and mostly, officially submitted work for marking, and this should mean that you will not need to make many changes or additions, but we might ask for some adaptations, so it suits the make-up of this Journal.


To help you structure your submissions, please do have a look at the example provided for the opinion piece and dissertation.

Submitting Your Work

Please submit your work to Dr Michael Richards at the following email address:

[email protected]

Please put in the subheading – ‘HSWW Journal Submission’ to ensure that the submission is processed more efficiently.

Get in touch

If you would like to find our more about the research or have questions about taking part, please get in touch with the heading ‘HSWW Journal Enquiry’.

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