Tackling the Blues has proven to be extremely beneficial to the young people and children that have participated, but how exactly has it benefited the students who volunteer on the programme each week? The profiles below tell exactly that, each will have had different experiences, served difference lengths of time and will ultimately have a different future career goals, read each of their stories to find out more about what the students have done and how feel about the programme.

Charlie Mason

During Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, we wanted to highlight student mentors who can speak to this year’s theme of loneliness. Charlie tells her story here.

Read the case study for more information.

Student Mentors

A team of student mentors from Edge Hill University have shared their personal experiences of training to become mental health champions for award-winning programme Tackling the Blues.

Read the case study for more information.

Joe Lynskey

Sport has always played a pivotal part in Edge Hill student Joe Lynskey’s life, a passion which he now brings to his role as a Tackling the Blues Support Mentor.

Find out more about Joe’s experiences on the Tackling the Blues programme.

Michael Quinn

Alongside his training to become a primary school teacher at Edge Hill, Michael Quinn is also helping to educate children and young people across the North West to talk about their mental health.

Find out more by reading Michael’s case study.

Olivia Izzo

The theme for this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Express Yourself’.

Find out how Tackling the Blues Mentor Olivia Izzo is helping children to open about their mental health through the arts.