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Since its inception in January 2015, TtB has engaged over 4800 children and young people through weekly sessions across primary schools, secondary schools and community groups in the areas of Merseyside and West Lancashire. These areas include some of the most deprived local authorities nationally where statistics highlight that children and young people experience inadequate health outcomes.

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TtB contributes to improved mental health literacy and educational performance among children and young people. It seeks to address the complex social determinants and inequalities associated with mental health and illness.


  • Contribute to the prevention and early intervention of mental illness in children and young people
  • Promote mental health literacy and support for children and young people
  • Support schools to develop whole school approaches to mental health and wellbeing
  • Undertake systematic, rigorous and robust research activity designed to understand and improve the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people
  • Develop resources, CPD and other training opportunities to support education professionals

Each year, the project has involved extensive consultation with children and young people and education professionals who act as project collaborators, help recruit participants and deliver peer mentor workshops. The programme adopts a peer mentorship model where the mentors are trained in accredited mental health courses. This unique peer-mentor approach helps to position them as positive role models which is an important feature of the programme. Mentors are recruited from students at Edge Hill University and join the partnership as either a Lead Mentor or Support Mentor.

TtB aims to contribute to improvements in mental health literacy among children and young people and improve understanding of the complex aetiologies, risk factors and the mechanisms of managing experiences of mental illness.

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Research and Impact

Visit this page to find out about the research associated with the programme, and the intended impact.


An online toolkit for stakeholders to utilise as part of the programme.

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The Tackling the Blues programme is led by the Faculty of Education in conjunction with the Faculty of Sport and Physical Activity at Edge Hill University. Key partners of the project include Tate Liverpool and Everton in the Community.

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This page hosts the latest news and development on the Tackling the Blues project.

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