The bibliography contains publications and PhD theses directly related to the use of corpora and corpus linguistic techniques in discourse studies – or, seen from a different perspective, corpus studies focusing on discourse issues. The approach may be termed ‘corpus-based’, ‘corpus-driven’ or ‘corpus-assisted’ (to the extent that these distinctions are useful or, indeed, meaningful), and the analysis itself can be ‘critical’ or otherwise (again, the same reservations apply). There are no restrictions regarding language. Whatever the label attached to their approach, publications are relevant when they report on research using corpora and corpus techniques to examine discourse meaning/style and/or particular discourses, or discuss the compilation of corpora, or the development of corpus metrics and techniques for discourse studies. Please note that studies focusing on discourse or lexicogrammatical features are relevant only if they explicitly discuss how these features contribute to discourse meaning or style, or to the creation of discourses.

The bibliography is available here (in PDF): Edge Hill Pure | Academia I Research Gate

The publications are ordered chronologically, starting with a list of introductions and overviews. I opted for a chronological order, because it helps provide a sketch of beginnings and developments in terms of the focus and methodology of discourse-oriented corpus studies and the volume of publications. For example, it can be seen that attention to discourse features dates back to the beginnings of corpus linguistics. Also, the beginning of using corpus techniques in ‘critical discourse studies’ can be traced back to Leech & Fallon (1992), which also seems to be the first study to use an exploratory keyness analysis — four years before the terms keyness and keyness analysis were introduced.

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I would be grateful for any suggestions regarding additions or corrections. I am particularly interested in studies published in the 1980s and early 1990s, or the last few years. If any of the publications are open-access (or have open-access versions) please send me the URL. If you are sending details of your own work, please provide formatted citations. I would also be happy to link your name to your webpage, blog, or twitter.

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Special thanks to Charlotte Taylor for allowing me to incorporate entries from her bibliography of corpus-based work on Language and Gender.

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