Headshot of Dr Laura Eastlake, Senior Lecturer in English

Dr Laura Eastlake

Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Co-Director EHU19

Contect: [email protected]

Headshot of Dr Bob Nicholson, Reader in History

Dr Bob Nicholson

Reader in History, Co-Director EHU19

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of Dr Andrew McInnes, Reader in English

Dr Andrew McInnes

Reader in Romanticisms, Co-Director EHU19



Headshot of Dr Catherine Quirk, Lecturer in Drama

Dr Catherine Quirk

Lecturer in Drama

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of Professor Alyson Brown

Professor Alyson Brown

Associate Head of History, Geography and Social Sciences

Contect: [email protected]

black and white photograph of Dan Copley smiling.

Dan Copley

Archivist – Library and Learning Services

Headshot of Dr Douglas Small, Lecturer in 19th Century English Literature

Dr Douglas Small

Lecturer in 19thC English Literature

Contect: [email protected]

Shot of Dr Kerri Andrews hiking.

Dr Kerri Andrews

Reader in Women’s Lit and Textual Editing

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of Dr Kym Brindle, Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Kym Brindle

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Contect: [email protected]

Headshot of Dr Zayneb Allak

Dr Zayneb Allak

Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing

Contect: [email protected]

Headshot of Dr Jenny Barrett, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Dr Jenny Barrett

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of Professor Tom Cockburn, Head of Department of Social Sciences

Professor Tom Cockburn

Head of Department of Social Sciences

Contect: [email protected]

Headshot of Professor Victor Merriman, Professor of Critical Studies in Drama

Professor Victor Merriman

Professor of Critical Studies in Drama

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of Professor Derek Heim, Professor of Psychology

Professor Derek Heim

Professor of Psychology

Contect: [email protected]

Postgraduate researchers

Headshot of Graduate Teaching Assistant Grace Marks. She is smiling, wearing her graduation mortarboard.

Grace Marks

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of PhD student, Julia Clayton.

Julia Clayton

PhD student

Contact: [email protected]

Headshot of Graduate Teaching Assistant Bianca Friedman She is smiling, and has brown hair.

Bianca Friedman

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Contact: [email protected]

Emma Butler-Marr

PhD student

Contact: [email protected]

Owen Farrington

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Contect: [email protected]

Michael Horton

PhD student

Contact: [email protected]


Dr Madeline Potter

BARS/BAVS ‘Nineteenth Century Matters’ Fellow

‘Blood at ‘Heaven’s Gate’: John Keble and Bram Stoker’.

My project explores the figure of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s eponymous novel as a theological monster – a product of 19th-century Irish literature and the Oxford Movement. I show how, like Le Fanu, Stoker locates the divine in the bodies of monsters, articulating a material theology.

Dr Lucy Whitehead

‘Gone West: Victorian Novelists’ Manuscripts and the American Archive, 1890–1963’.

This project investigates the transatlantic trade in modern British literary manuscripts that began with the collecting of the American financier John Pierpont Morgan in the late nineteenth century..

Dr Joan Passey

‘Smothered in Onions’: Abject Consumption in Wilkie Collins’s Fiction and Nonfiction’.

This project investigates images of food, eating, drinking, and abject consumption in the wider works of Wilkie Collins and his own letters to demonstrate the multivalent ways in which Collins employed consumption to represent larger contemporaneous anxieties about the body and self in society.

Dr Rita Dashwood

Postdoctoral Fellow: ‘The Romantic Ridiculous’

‘Rita specialises in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century studies, with a particular focus on gender, property, and economics. She is the author of Women and Property Ownership in Jane Austen (2022)