Participating academic staff

  • Michael L. Austin (Ph.D., The University of Texas at Dallas), Senior Lecturer in Music and Sound; research interests include video game music, viral music videos, audio in user experience (UX) design, and sonic interaction with smart home devices (IoT). Research Profile
  • Jenny Daniel (Ph.D., The University of Leeds), Senior Lecturer in Musical Theatre; research interests include the cultural and educational work that is done by music and organised arts; concepts of industry, labour and leisure; coaching, value alignment and human flourishing; possibility; everyday creativity; and contributions to pedagogy, wellbeing and social justice, and interactions of the physical and the digital in all of the above.
  • Alex Jukes (Ph.D., Royal College of Art), Senior Lecturer in Multimedia; research interests include animation, installation art, and understanding space within the context of 3-D CGI. Research Profile
  • Karen M. Ludke (Ph.D., the University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Senior Lecturer in English Language; research interests focus on the inclusion of the arts to support language learning, particularly through musical activities and singing, as well as foreign-language learners’ and teachers’ beliefs about music and songs. Research Profile
  • George Meikle (Ph.D., University of Salford), Senior Lecturer in Music Production; research interests include electronic/computer music, human-computer interaction in music, and ecocritical sound art. Research Profile
  • James Millea (Ph.D., University of Liverpool), Lecturer in Popular Music and Media; research interests include sound and music in cinema, popular music and video games, music and social media, popular music videos, sync and music supervision in media. Research Profile
  • Kath Morgan (M.A., University of Liverpool), Senior Lecturer in English Language; research interests include second and foreign language teaching and learning, in particular, how music is used by teachers and learners to aid language learning both inside and outside the classroom. Research Profile
  • Jennifer Woodward (Ph.D.,Edge Hill University), Senior Lecturer in Film Studies; research interests include disaster and apocalypse across media, and science fiction media. Research Profile
  • Rebecca Wynne-Walsh (Ph.D., Manchester Metropolitan University), Lecturer in Film; research interests include transmedia storytelling, social media, streaming cultures, and ecocritical immersive media operating within the horror genre. Research Profile