Intensive Training and Practice

From 2024, all initial teacher training (ITT) programmes in England must include an “intensive training and practice element”, designed to provide trainees teachers with opportunities to practise and receive feedback on pivotal aspects of teaching. Intensive practice has been identified as an approach to connecting the theory and practice of teaching and there is emerging evidence indicating that intensive practice could improve initial teacher training.

Aligned with the philosophy of the 2024 accreditation and the National Institute of Teaching (NIOT) ITP pilot and subsequent report, our planned Intensive Training and Practice programme for 2024 includes the principles of approximation and practice (Reich, 2022: Grossman 2018). Our ITaP pilots have been designed to include elements of intense training at the university with expert theoretical input by university tutors, partnership experts, lead mentors or lead practitioners. They all identify the specific pivotal practice that will be developed and crucially how this is linked to the overall intended curriculum and sequence of learning. They have been designed using a framework adapted from the NIOT pilot and all include the following elements;

  • Critical analysis of teaching and materials linked to theory and the evidence base.
  • Expert modelling and deconstruction of pivotal practice and components
  • Deliberate practice by trainees with multiple opportunities for expert feedback
  • Implementation of the component in simulation, digital or real scenarios
  • Assessment and target setting for further development
Learning about the theory of teaching and learning.Using representations to analyse expert teaching.Using approximations to practice and get feedback.Receiving support to apply learning in the classroom.Tracking trainees’ growing knowledge and skills.
LecturesLesson observationsInstructional rehearsalsInstructional coachingLesson observations
SeminarsVideo deconstructionsScenario planningTeam teachingClassroom artefacts
Assigned readingsClassroom artefactsRole playsSmall group teachingQuizzes
PodcastsLesson transcriptsCase studiesCo-planningPortfolios
InterviewsExpert modellingDigital approximationsLesson studyApproximations

Working together

Partnership schools can be involved with ITaPs in a variety of ways

  • school based mentors may support trainees during block placements with a specific focus
  • school staff may contribute their expertise in lectures or seminars with trainees in University based focused sessions to analyse practice linked to theory
  • schools may host groups of trainees for one or two days to provide opportunities for observation and practice i.e. modelling, questioning or managing transitions

Fairfield Primary School, Widnes, talk about their partnership experience with Intensive Training and Practice (ITaP)