Mentor Development

All EHU mentors will complete the following, which will be recognised and recorded.

For schools in England these will be classed as hours for the DfE mentoring criteria:

Core Mentor Training Unit

This training is for all mentors across all phases.

NB If completed in 2023-24 this will not need to be repeated but will be eligible for your DfE hours.

Phase Specific Briefing

Attend phase specific training online for your trainees’ phase or subject specific guidance. The online training will be delivered by the subject or mentoring team and will detail the professional practice expectations for your trainee.

Click here for times and dates and to register for your phase specific briefing(s)

QA checkpoints

Link Tutors will contact you to make arrangements for the QA 1-4 checkpoints.

Start here: Sign up and enrol

Bite-sized Mentor Development Units

  • Supporting Trainees’ Workload and wellbeing (1 DfE hour)
  • Target setting and Feedback within the Weekly Development Summary (WDS) (1 DfE hour)
  • An Introduction to the Initial Teacher Training and Early Career Framework (ITTECF) (1 DfE hour)
  • Behaviour Management for Mentors (1 DfE hour)
  • Assessing trainee progress (1 DfE hour)
  • Supporting Inclusive Mentoring: including optional units ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, EDI (2 DfE hours)
  • Intensive training and practice (1 DfE hour)

DfE Funding for Schools

Conditions of funding

  • Undertake up to 20 hours of initial mentor training.
  • Mentor at least one trainee in the academic year.


  • The school can claim £876 (£43.80 per hour).
  • The school must submit their claims by the end of July 2025.
  • Payment will be paid in arrears from September 2025.

OMNIS – Further Guidance