Macular Society UK Trustees’ first visit to Edge Hill University

June 2023

Vice-chair of Trustees Alison Guthrie and Senior Trustee Bill Best visited the research labs and attended research presentations by Dr Ioan Matei and Dr Daniel Grimes.

Top place for research presentation

June 2023

Ioan came joint first in the staff competition for research presentations made during the University’s Teaching and Research Week events and celebrations. His presentation was about the study of mitochondrial modulation in age-related degenerative physiology.

Dr Ioan Matei headshot presenting during the 2023 SOLSTICE and CLT conference

Ocular Molecular Biology and Mechanisms of Disease

Research is focused on fundamental cellular processes on two major scientific directions:

  • Proteostasis, regulation of proteolysis and intracellular trafficking in health, ageing and degenerative conditions
  • Cell signalling and programmed cell death (apoptosis) regulatory networks

There is a strong track record with close collaborative links on molecular/cellular and systems biology with groups in various institutes in Liverpool, as well as national (Manchester, Leeds, Wolverhampton) and international (USA, China, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, Malaysia) collaborations.

Image: Live RPE cell expressing transfected cystatin C-GFP fusion protein