Abbie Lea Gavan

Student Mentor

Student Mentor, Abbie, currently studies MSc Sport, Physical Activity and Mental Health at Edge Hill University. Read her case study as to why she became a Tackling the Blues mentor.

Why did you choose to be a TtB mentor?

I chose to be a TtB mentor this year as it aligned with what I enjoy doing, allowing me to gain experience with working in a classroom which is something I wanted more experience in

What is it you enjoy about being a TtB mentor?

I enjoyed building relationships with the children and young people, seeing them interact within the sessions and seeing their confidence grow. It was nice to see how TtB had an impact on children and young people from their progression from the start of delivery in January to the end in June.

Has TtB contributed to your own mental health literacy?

Definitely, it has allowed me to build my own mental health literacy knowledge and I am now more aware of the type of appropriate language to use when talking to children and young people about mental health which I can now use in future employment.

Do you think TtB has contributed to your employability, if so, how?

Yes, the experiences provided by TtB helped me to understand the importance of talking openly about mental health, which has helped me to decide which career I would like to take after university. Having the opportunity to work within a school setting has allowed me to gain better experience and helped my confidence grow which will help when applying for jobs.

What have you learnt during your time as a Ttb student mentor?

During my time as a mentor, I have learnt the importance of programs like TtB in helping children and young people understand the importance to have a good understanding of mental health.

What school did you work with as part of your role as being a Student Mentor and what did you enjoy/learn about whilst working with this school?

    I worked in a primary school as a student mentor and enjoyed being able to work with different year groups. It was nice to deliver different sessions based on what subjects the schools felt was best for their pupils.

    Have you been involved in any of the TtB research?

    I have been involved with assisting children and young people on the questionnaires at the end of each topic within the classroom, however I do think it would have been interesting to be more involved in the data side of this program.

    Would you recommend TtB to other students?

    Yes, I have really enjoyed my time on Ttb, it was been a really rewarding experience and has allowed me to know this is the route I would like to go down after university. The experience allows you to gain life skills which prepares you for life after university.

    What are your plans after TtB?

    I am very close to finishing my Masters degree and after I graduate I hope to use this degree and my skills learnt on TtB to go on to become a education, mental health practitioner.