Tate Liverpool

The Tate’s involvement in Tackling the Blues will see the delivery of an arts strand that explores the key issues and topics around mental health and wellbeing through a specially designed art-based programme. 

 Each child and young person is supported by mentors to personalise their learning outcomes and create an individual good mental health toolkit to support them beyond the programme. 

Sessions enable the young people to build confidence, communication skills, self-esteem and mental health literacy in a developmental way, as well as providing freedom to explore materials, techniques and creative approaches. 

 The arts strand provides a safe space for those children and young people at risk of poor mental health for whom sports based activity may not appeal or even present additional barriers. The addition of an arts strand to Tackling the Blues sees the project able to reach more children than ever before in new, exciting and creative ways. 

Student mentors work with artists to co-design activities that engage TtB participants in their local cultural context. This benefits the programme by:

  • connecting mentors to quality arts practice and enhances their cultural and creative capital
  • providing opportunities to students and young people to develop their own creative learning
  • building confidence and self-esteem for both students and young people.

Student mentors are supported throughout the programme to ensure that they can make a significant and lasting impact for children and young people. With access to Tate Liverpool’s collections and the support of dedicated coordinators, they will be empowered to deliver creative, interactive and impactful  learning sessions tailored to the needs of individual schools, children and young people.

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