Savannah Edwards-Lynch

Headshot of Savannah Edwards-Lynch

Student Mentor, Savannah Edwards-Lynch, currently studies BA (Hons) Working and Teaching in Early Years at Edge Hill University. Read her case study as to why she became a Tackling the Blues mentor.

Why did you choose to be a TtB mentor?

I chose to become a TtB mentor as I loved what TtB can provide for children, especially as anxiety has been seen to come up in children lives earlier. I wasn’t able to have something like this when I was their age. I wanted to give back and help children so they know that it’s ok to feel different from others.

What is it you enjoy about being a TtB mentor?

Diagram representing the feelings of a person with ADHD

I enjoyed working with the children and building relationships with them. This was good because once they felt close to me, they found it easier to tell my things, which showed that what we were doing was making a difference.

Has TtB contributed to your own mental health literacy?

TtB has definitely helped me with my mental health as while we were doing the sessions with the children, we were able to join in with them.

Do you think TtB has contributed to your employability, if so, how?

I think it has definitely helped me with my employability, as I want to work in primary schools. I have been able to form some connections with the schools.

What have you learnt during your time as a Ttb student mentor?

I have learnt a lot about myself and also about how to change sessions to suit different age groups.

Would you recommend TtB to other students?

I would definitely recommend other students to join and be a part if the TtB team.

What are your plans after TtB?

I definitely want to carry on and continue working with the TtB team next academic year.