St Peter and Paul’s, Kirkby case study

What impact has TtB had on your school including pupils and staff?

Ttb has been fantastic for our school, it has had a huge impact on the children’s mental health and wellbeing. For me as pastoral care it has given me lots more information too.

How has TtB impacted conversations about mental health in your school?

 Ttb has impacted how we have conversations with children and their mental health in our school. Lots of children have been talking openly about how they feel. I take children for Elsa intervention which is emotional literacy support,  this opens up many conversations as well as this I use lots of the conversation openers that I have seen in Ttb. It helps us to be able to help children to be less worried and not keep their emotions inside.

What have the pupils who have taken part in Ttb learned about mental health and what impact is this having on their day to day lives?

I think the children have learnt that it’s ok to say you’re upset/struggling etc. They don’t feel like there is a stigma attached to mental health awareness.

Has Ttb contributed to your whole school approach to mental health, if so how?

Yes, our school policy has been updated of how we approach mental health.

Would you recommend TtB to other schools?


Tackling the blues has been great for our children, they have provided the children in our care with engaging and interesting sessions. We look forward to next year working with Tackling the blues again.