Dr Adjanie Patabendige (Principal Investigator)

My main goal is to improve our fundamental knowledge in the mechanisms of disrupted brain barriers and fluids in neurological diseases. To achieve this I continue to develop new models that (1) can reliably get us closer to investigating human pathophysiology and (2) screen potential therapeutic drugs. I expect our research to help future diagnosis and treatment of diseases that impact the brain.

  • Ceinwyn Cooper (PhD student – co-supervised with Dr Aristides Tagalakis)

Project: The development and functionalisation of a novel blood-brain barrier penetrating nanogel for targeted treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Nefeli Zorpa (Placement student)

Project: Modelling blood-brain barrier dysfunction in neurological disease.

  • Placement student (vacant)

Project: Parasitic infection of the blood-brain barrier

  • Research Assistant (vacant)