Dr Adjanie Patabendige (Principal Investigator)

Dr Adjanie Patabendige

My main goal is to improve our fundamental knowledge in the mechanisms of disrupted brain barriers and fluids in neurological diseases. To achieve this I continue to develop new models that (1) can reliably get us closer to investigating human pathophysiology and (2) screen potential therapeutic drugs. I expect our research to help future diagnosis and treatment of diseases that impact the brain and reduce the reliance of the use of animals in research.

Rosie Gaskell (Research Projects Coordinator)

Rosie Gaskell

Coordination and support for all projects within the group

Ceinwyn Cooper (PhD student –co-supervised with Dr Aristides Tagalakis)

Ceinwyn Cooper

Project: The development and functionalisation of a novel blood-brain barrier penetrating nanogel for targeted treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Umeshi Karunadasa (PhD student)

Umeshi Karunadasa

Project: Understanding the mechanisms of blood-brain barrier disruption during atrial fibrillation and the impact on developing dementia.

Camarra Jayde Nazha (PhD student)

Camarra Jayde Nazha

Project: Modelling how abnormal blood flow in atrial fibrillation affects the structure and function of the blood-brain barrier.

Lab Interns (2024)

  • Hannah Van Der Spuy
  • Christopher Smith
  • Olivia Farrington-Wall
  • Luke Lowthian
Brain Barriers group photo.