edgehill vegans

The first meeting of the newly formed Edge Hill Vegans & Vegan Friends group on 3rd February was a raging success, with ‘plant strong,’ Wirral-based, strength trainer Jason Elliott giving a talk on his experience becoming a vegan strength trainer to a room full of Edge Hill vegans and vegan curious people.

The new group has been created as part of the work of the Centre for Human Animal Studies, with a view to connecting vegan and vegan curious staff and students at Edge Hill University. The first meeting was held in conjunction with the university’s ‘Health and Wellbeing Day,’ hence Jason being perfect as a speaker.

Strength trainer Jason Elliott spoke about being vegan in the strength training world, and the importance of strength training for sedentary lifestyles. Attendees were also invited to bring food, as a potluck, so there was vegan chocolate tiffin, fruit and gram four omelette to munch on, as well as smoothies from David Crawford, who has a smoothie stall in The Hub.

Watch this space for more details about further meetings and presentations, and feel free to join the group on Facebook, below!

Edge Hill Vegans & Vegan Friends Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1666990243560582/

Jason Elliott website: http://www.personaltrainerwirral.com/