At CfHAS we welcome the opportunity to work with postgraduate students.

Edge Hill University has an annual PhD GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) Funding Scheme. Positions are usually advertised in mid November on the Edge Hill Vacancies web-site to begin the following September.

Supervision is available from CfHAS members.

Here is a list of our current postgraduate students and their projects:

PhD Research

Abi Masefield ‘FEEDing the World and the Right to not be Food’ (2016 – p-t) (Director of Studies: Dr Richard Twine)

Eva Marie Lindahl¬†‘Reframing the animal’ (2016 -) (DoS: Professor Claire Parkinson)

Donelle Gadenne (funded GTA) ‘The Workplace Experiences of Qualified Veterinary Professionals in the UK who Identify as Ethical Vegans (2018 -) (DoS: Dr Richard Twine)

Katherine Jones ‘Vegan Transition’ (2021 -) (DoS: Dr Claire Blennerhassett)

MRes Research

Hannah Howard ‘Feminism and Veganism: Synonymous or unaffiliated lifestyles?’ (2021-) (DoS: Dr. Richard Twine)

For enquiries, please contact CfHAS at