CfHAS Co-Director Richard Twine a co-author on major new article on moving beyond an animal-based food system

Published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (part of the Nature suite of journals) and led by Carol Morris (University of Nottingham) and Minna Kaljonen (Finnish Environmental Institute) the paper scopes international research in the social sciences and humanities related to the societal grand challenge of moving beyond animal-based food systems to address overlapping crises of climate change, health and biodiversity. Inspired by the ‘Sutherland Method’ the paper discusses the results of an iterative research prioritisation process carried out to enhance capacity, mutual understanding and impact amongst European social sciences and humanities researchers. The process produced 15 research questions from an initial list of 100 and classified under the following five themes: (1) debating and visioning food from animals; (2) transforming agricultural spaces; (3) framing animals as food; (4) eating practices and identities; and (5) governing transitions beyond animal-based food systems. These themes provide an important means of making connections between research questions that invite and steer research on key challenges in moving beyond animal-based food systems. The article is open access and can be downloaded here:

CfHAS to host EACAS 2021 Conference

The Centre for Human-Animal Studies will virtually host the biennial conference of the European Association for Critical Animal Studies (EACAS) on June 24-25th 2021. The Call for Papers is now live here: .

New research for The Vegan Society

CfHAS members have completed new research for The Vegan Society. The research team – Professor Claire Parkinson, Dr Richard Twine, Dr Claire Blennerhassett and Lara Herring- looked at how women respond to vegan messages about animal ethics. The findings from the research will be published in the future.

UKRI AHRC Multispecies storytelling network

Professor Claire Parkinson is PI of a new UKRI AHRC funded network: Multispecies storytelling: more than human narratives about landscape. The network will run from December 2019 to November 2021. Co-I of the network is Professor Brett Mills (UEA). The network held its first event on 17th January 2020; a symposium with the title: ‘Who speaks on behalf of nature?’.

Pathways to Veganism

The CfHAS research team working on the Pathways to Veganism project, funded by The Vegan Society, have completed the first stage of the project. The team have reported on the initial findings of a questionnaire completed by over 1600 survey participants. The questionnaire asked participants about their understanding of veganism and gathered insights into how non-vegans view the health and environmental aspects of a vegan lifestyle.