Multiple members of CfHAS were contributors to the Factual Animal conference that took place at the University of Valencia, Spain towards the end of 2023.

One of the conference organisers was Professor Brett Mills, in his role as one of the members of the research project ‘Representaciones de masculinidades en documentales en defensa de los animales en lengua inglesa [Representations of Masculinities in Animal Advocacy Documentaries in English]’, funded by Conselleria d’Innovació, Universitats, Ciència i Societat Digital – Generalitat Valenciana, Spain.

Professor Claire Parkinson delivered the keynote lecture, ‘Dangerous Dogs: A Politics of Canine/Human Relationships’.

Professor Parkinson and Dr Richard Twine were member of the book presentation panel, discussing their upcoming books Animal Advocacy On- and Off-Screen and The Climate Crisis and Other Animals respectively.

Centre PhD researcher Bianca Friedman delivered the paper, ‘Mastering the Representation, Mastering the Horse: Reflections on Control and its Unsteadiness in The Silver Brumby Film Adaptation’. Bianca was also a member of the team leading the plenary workshop, ‘Animal Film and Education Across Disciplines: A Collaborative Workshop on Interspecies Learning and Teaching’.

Visiting PhD researcher at the Centre Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo presented the paper, ‘Beyond the Spectacle: Exploring Audiovisual Representations of Other-than-Human Animals in the Lobbying of the Animal-Based Entertainment Industry.