The work of the Culture, Power & Inclusion Research Group focuses on the role of arts, communication and creativity in bringing about social and political change. We do not consider research and knowledge generation to be simply a passive or reflective undertaking. We see research as being essential in transforming society for the better through engaging directly and critically with issues of public good, policy and politics. Our research aims to support disenfranchised and marginalised communities and individuals achieve recognition, representation and communicative power.

Consequently, the work of the CPI group and its partners and collaborators is framed by interdisciplinary approaches that support co-creation and co-design, while aiming to engage publicly with inclusion and diversity issues, leading to impact and positive cultural change.

Integrated within the English & Creative Arts Department at Edge Hill University, and working with external partners (researchers, media, culture and arts practitioners, third sector multicultural organizations, journalists) CPI offers an engaging space for live debates on contemporary and, at times, controversial social and political issues, where academics, activists and artists can ask difficult questions, provide solutions for cultural innovation, help dismantle inequality and bring communicative and creative advocacy to grassroot communities.

We believe that research and knowledge exchange can support and empower invisible or underrepresented cultures through co-producing and sharing more effective creative and arts-based tools, developing skills for communicative advocacy and public representation, and using ethical community embedded and co-designed methods.

Contact Prof. Ruxandra Trandafoiu @PowerInclusion or [email protected] for further information and collaborative opportunities.