Games@Home helps schools to enhance or develop their approach to parental engagement in their child’s mathematical learning.  It enables parents to:

  • have fun with their child while playing maths games
  • talk about the mathematics and how to solve problems
  • develop a picture of their child’s mathematical skills
  • promote the importance of mathematics

The games are set around the level of the Year 1 curriculum. They will support children who need additional numeracy practice, including children who have recently taken part in ECC 1stClass@Number 1 programme.

Games@home is a lot more fun than doing worksheets with my child. It doesn’t feel like work for either of us.


What’s in a parent pack?

There are five games:

  • Hiding in a hundred
  • Track your order
  • First class flip
  • Hot spot
  • Keep or double

Each pack also contains clear instructions on how to play the games, all the resources needed (e.g. dice, highlighters, activity sheet) and a set of question prompts to get the conversation going!

I was so good at explaining my maths – my mum kissed me!


How can schools access it?

Schools can buy a Games@Home toolkit with:

  • four parent packs
  • written guidance and support for planning and delivering family sessions in school. These sessions provide an opportunity for teacher, child and parents to enjoy the games together, ask questions and enjoy mathematics! The guidance also explains how schools that use the 1stClass@Number 1 intervention can link it to Games@Home.

A pack costs £50 + VAT. If your school would like to make a purchase please click here.

Or, you can receive the resources along with a half day of CPD from your local ECC Provider. To enquire about costs and training please contact the ECC office, or your local Provider.