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    See Guidance Notes at the end of the form for details on each webpage type.

    Summary should explain the content and must be climate change/action relevant. We need 300 words minimum for web protocol and Google search index reasons.

    For example, links to reports, news items, organisation website or other useful weblinks.


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    Guidance Notes


    Text content should be written in an audience-facing way that addresses the general public. Please remember items must be climate change/action relevant. Please aim to write around 300 words of text, we may get back to you if necessary to ask for more information, clarification and material. If the text you send needs significant editing, we will send you back the final draft for your acceptance.


    Blog Post: these are opinion pieces, giving members an opportunity to put across a certain point of view or commentary on something climate action related that you are interested in. Hopefully, it will start a wider conversation with other members!
    Case Study: an opportunity to showcase the climate action work of your organisation. This can include projects, new initiatives, or just what general climate action work you do!
    Events: these can be for climate action related events and activities recently past or future forthcoming, ideally happening in Lancashire or nearby.
    Funding Opportunities: please let us know about any new relevant, climate action related funding options you know of that may be interest to other LancsCAN members.
    News: of recent things related to your organisation, or others you are working with.
    Reviews, Research and Reports: in this webpage contribution, please provide a brief summary of the research and/or report you are writing about, with relevant weblinks to the subject matter. These can be any climate action related research and/or reports you think will be of use and interest of other members.
    Tips and ideas: as indicated on the LancsCAN website page for this, this is for practical advice, tips and ideas that you think might benefit fellow members!