Joining LancsCAN is free and open to any community-oriented organisation in Lancashire involved in some way on climate action.

As a member of LancsCAN, you will be part of a big, growing climate action movement, collaborating with many others to make a real difference in your own local community, the county and wider region.

Other benefits of joining LancsCAN include:

  • Raise awareness of your organisation and its work to a wider audience.
  • Contacting other members explore new networking opportunities.
  • Access to shared resources and new ideas on climate action work.
  • Have your community voice heard more strongly, including among Lancashire’s councils.
  • Promote your future events and activities on this website.
  • Take part in training and new learning opportunities.
  • Invitations to future LancsCAN events, activities and projects.
  • Options to work with Lancashire’s universities on climate action related issues.
  • Make joint applications on funding new projects and activities.
  • Work with others on shared challenges, such as recruiting new volunteers.
  • Promote case studies on your own work.
  • Share new research and news items with other LancsCAN members.
  • Keep abreast of new useful and interesting developments across Lancashire and beyond of relevance to your organisation.

To apply to become a member of LancsCAN, please email us at [email protected], giving your consent for your name and email address to be exclusively shared with other Members.