LancsCAN’s shared VISION – to collaborate together and with others to realise Lancashire’s ambitious and urgent climate action goals. In doing so, make the county a more sustainable, healthy and greener place to live and work, while supporting a thriving economy that is regenerative and socially responsible.

LancsCAN’s main AIM – to help mobilise Lancashire’s community voice and action on climate change, working collaboratively with others to advance the county’s climate agenda.

Going forward, LancsCAN has the following OBJECTIVES:

  • Become an increasingly stronger, larger and effective network of community-oriented organisations in Lancashire working on climate action.
  • Develop LancsCAN’s mechanisms for collaboration, community-building and communication, in order to develop its capacities for partnership among its own membership and working with others.
  • Inspire and help support all generations and communities within Lancashire to get more involved in climate action efforts
  • Work alongside Lancashire’s councils to realise the county’s ambitious, urgent climate action goals.
  • To facilitate opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and ideas that enable members to learn from each other and strengthen their position as climate action leaders.