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Short practical, lunchtime talks on climate action and the arts curated by LANDS, the Lancashire Arts Network for Developing Sustainability.

Know Your Worth: Calculating Your Venue’s Economic Impact with Colin Johnston, Deputy Chief Executive, Blackpool Grand Theatre

12:30pm – 1pm, Friday 28th June | ONLINE

Are you managing an art, culture, or music venue? Understanding and articulating your venue’s economic impact on the local community is crucial, especially when seeking funding to reduce your carbon footprint. Demonstrating your ability to enhance your venue’s value, attract new audiences, and improve services like catering while cutting emissions makes you a more appealing candidate for grants and investments.

Join us for a free, 30-minute online session hosted by LANDS – the Lancashire Arts Network for Developing Sustainability. Colin Johnston, Deputy Chief Executive of Blackpool Grand Theatre, will teach you a proven methodology to calculate and communicate your venue’s economic contribution. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to quantify and showcase your value to secure essential funding and support.

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