Paul Riley North West Net Zero Hub

Over the rest of this year we are planning to deliver a series of webinars that will guide our members on the road to decarbonisation in the broader communities in which they operate.

A lot of what we will all need to achieve concerns reducing fossil fuelled energy. As you look to bring in more community energy, insulation and retrofitting heat pumps or something completely different, like biodiversity gain projects you will need the support of the people in the areas where you want to make these changes.

In this webinar the North West Net Zero Hub will advise you of what they can do to help you with financing energy projects and how you can engage local communities in supportive dialogues, i.e. real consultations. There will be time for discussions, questions clarifications.

This will be the first of a series of SIGNPOSTING COMMUNITIES TO DECARBONISATION webinars, the details of the rest will be published shortly.