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Koru Consulting Ltd

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We are pleased to announce some changes to KlimateKonnect that makes it simpler, a new feature which will make it easier to find up to date case studies. and introduce you to our mobilising communities project

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  1. We have consolidated the Home and the Koru and KlimateKonnect pages so readers do not have go to more pages than necessary
  2. Until today, case studies were included in various sections of the site. What we have done is to provide a single page which holds many sources of multiple case studies. There are currently 22 of these and with your help that will increase. The facility exists to add one off case studies as well should you desire.
  3. Over the last nine months we have been talking to several local climate action networks and have developed a Klimate Konnect variant. In essence it is a simple process and a portal that helps local communities come together under a Climate Action Network umbrella You can see the portal element here or watch our webinar for the Lancashire Climate Action Network.
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It would be really great if all our users could add a little content. It really is easy but if you’d rather you can send the details to [email protected] and we can do it for you. A local success story would be fantastic, or a new challenge you have embarked on and maybe need some help with. The choice is yours.