Pendle Hill - pic by Caroline-Dowse on Unsplash

Dave Penney

Pendle Climate Action Group

The Pendle Climate Action Group was set up after we convened a XR People’s Assembly which intially attracted over 50 people. Our membership is much larger now, with over 200 people on our Facebook page. The main aim of the Group is to campaign for the Pendle Council’s Climate Emergency target of net zero carbon by 2030 to be achieved.

We then set up a Pendle Extinction Rebellion (XR) email address with 24 members ([email protected]) to keep members informed of relevant local, regional, national and global climate change issues and activities. In addition, we established a Extinction Rebellion Pendle group on Facebook to widen support and post the same information and petitions as on our email.

This then led to certain actions by the Group:

Pendle Climate Action Group - XR
  • Members joined the Pendle Council Climate Emergency Working Group to produce a resilient and adaptive Action Plan to be incorporated in the Pendle Local Plan;
  • This Group also campaigns on Issues which are not included in the Local Plan;
  • Pendle Climate Action Group is also engaging with LCC on its Action Plan;
  • Members joined Council Working Parties to plant trees and improve Biodiversity;
  • Members have also joined a Council Forum to educate People and Schools;
  • The Pendle Climate Action Group has also produced promotional information, such as PowerPoint presentations for Schools, Evidence of worsening Climate Change, Polices and Projects to be considered for inclusion in the Pendle Climate Action Plan, a Climate Emergency Leaflet to be circulated at Public Events sent to all members and posted on Facebook.