Mentor training

PGCE 3-7 Development Mentor Training Video please click here

Please complete Core Mentor Training online Register, Enrol, Log In short introduction to the Principles of Effective Mentoring for all Mentors to complete this year. (30 mins)

Mentor training presentation

Mentor Training Information

Exemplar WDS and Lesson Observations

Example WDS and lesson observations are in this section Primary Professional Practice forms and examples – Mentor Space (

Exemplar Weekly Development Summary

EHU ITE Curriculum

Strand Component Tracker

Subject specific component tracker

Professional Practice Handbook

Intensive Training and Practice(ITaP)

Questioning for Assessment

Information for the two distinct ITaP days, which must take place before Christmas.

Mentor Guide for ITaP

ITaP Questioning for Assessment observation form

ITaP Questioning IDS feedback form (1 to be completed before Christmas)


SSP phonics observation form (1 to be completed during professional practice)

Week 1

Week 1 WDS

Week 1 Communication Email

Week 2

Week 2 WDS

Week 2 Communication Email

Lesson observation

Week 3

Week 3 WDS

Week 3 Communication Email

Lesson observation

Week 4

Week 4 WDS

Lesson observation

Week 5

Week 5 WDS

Lesson observation

Week 6

Week 6 WDS

Lesson observation

Week 7

Week 7 WDS

Lesson observation

Week 8

Week 8 WDS

Lesson observation

Week 9

Week 9 Final WDS

Lesson observation