Find out more about Television Studies:

Academic Journals

Critical Studies in Television: an academic journal dedicated to the study of television.

The Journal of Popular Television: another academic journal dedicated to television.

Television and New Media: another journal examining television, as well as audiences and new media.


CSTOnline: A dedicated online space for all things television studies, including news about conferences, publications, and its famous blog!


BA (Hons) Television: a degree offered by Edge Hill University dedicated to learning about television as a cultural form that comes with specific production techniques.


The Royal Television Society: an educational charity promoting the art and science of television.

The Production Guild: the UK’s leading membership organisation for professionals working in film and television production.

Our favourite introductory books on television:

Brown L and Duthie L (2016) The TV Studio Production Handbook. London, New York: I.B Tauris.

Perelandra says: This is THE introduction to television studio production. It has all the information, all the knowledge and all the tricks and tips. The most comprehensive book on studio-based television production that I have ever encountered. I recommend it to all my students.

Lury K (2005) Interpreting Television. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Elke says: This is such a good book because it treats television as an audio-visual medium that needs to be analysed in relation to its images, sounds, contexts and how we experience it in our daily life. It is also beautifully written by someone who quite clearly, like us, loves watching television.