Our Events

Upcoming Events:

Critical Studies in Television Slow Conference,
19 July-6 August

The conference examines what directions television studies should take as the medium morphs with the development of new technologies, societal challenges and cultural changes.

To find out more, please see the website or contact Elke Weissmann at weissmae@edgehill.ac.uk.

Past Events:

Privacy in the Wild: Why the Privacy Interests of Animals Matter, a webcast with Brett Mills. 25 May 2021

This panel program will examine how privacy concepts can inform both our understanding of animals and our efforts to improve animal welfare and conservation. Topics discussed will include publishing geolocation data for imperilled species, intersections of human and animal surveillance, ethical concerns with filming animals in the wild, and how existing laws acknowledge (and ignore) animal privacy interests. The event is hosted by the New York City Bar.

Research Seminar, 19 May 2021

Anthropocentric Storytelling: Towards Thinking Beyond the Human in Television Studies

Brett Mills speaks to the research community about his vision of a television studies that moves beyond the confines of anthropocentrism.

100 Years of Women at the BBC, 7 May 2021

This symposium shone a light on the role of women in the BBC. It brought together researchers from across the UK.