What can we learn from elite athletes’ lived experiences about athlete sustainability?

Speaker: Dr. Astrid Schubring

Venue: Online event

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Dr Melanie Lang, Director of the Centre for Child Protection and Safeguarding in Sport (CPSS) and Reader in Child Protection and Children’s Rights in Sport
1:05pmWhat can we learn from elite athletes’ lived experiences about athlete sustainability? Dr Astrid Schubring

Webinar Abstract

The development of expertise has interested sport scientist for decades. Different theories and research methodologies have been used to explain why some athletes develop into champions, and how coaches, clubs and sport systems can best support this process. Existing research has however first and foremost focused on physical and mental dispositions, skill learning and training regimes. In this presentation, I argue for the importance to turn to athletes’ lived experiences as a central base of knowledge. Delving into qualitative research in Olympic and Paralympic sport, I show how becoming an elite athlete is a ‘whole person process’, situated in time and sociocultural context. I move on to discuss the athlete welfare and sustainability, and close with an outlook on future research and implications for practice.

Speaker Biography

Professor Astrid Schubring, German Sport University Cologne, Germany

Astrid Schubring is a professor in sociology of sport at the German Sport University Cologne. Astrid’s research interests centre on athlete health and well-being, youth and elite sport, biographical research, and the body in physical education.