Homemade poster 'The climate is changing' being held at a demonstration

More than 30 years on since the landmark Montreal Protocol united the world in a bid to save the ozone layer, an Edge Hill academic reflects on the lessons to be learned in the greatest environmental challenge ahead – climate change. 

When expeditions to Antarctica in the 1980s confirmed that chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), found in household appliances and personal hygiene products, had caused a hole in the ozone layer, the news spurred action from leaders around the world.  

The Montreal Protocol was designed to kickstart the worldwide phaseout of CFCs and to this day remains the only United Nations agreement to be signed by every country in the world. 

Chris Dent

Professor Christopher Dent, an international political economist at Edge Hill University’s Business School, believes that a similar, cohesive global response is needed if we are to effectively tackle the urgent climate emergency we are currently facing. 

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